HACSA Founder and President Ambassador Johanna Svanikier with UNESCO Director General Audrey Azoulay when she visited the Girls Can Code Project initiated by Ambassador Svanikier. 

HACSA Foundation Current & Future Projects


  1. HACSA Sankofa Virtual Heritage Tours

Sites in Accra, Ghana associated with the historical journey of Africa from the era of the Transatlantic trade in enslaved Africans, to Colonialism, to Liberation and Freedom will be brought to life virtually through film, photography, narratives, interviews and cutting edge 360 degree filming, to inform and educate the general public about that dark period in the history of the world and its legacy. The project will also highlight that some of these key heritage sites are in critical danger and bring them to the attention of their main stakeholders in Diaspora communities  particularly in America and  the Caribbean, emphasising the importance of preserving them.

  1. HACSA Sankofa Documentary: Families and Sites in the time of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

A documentary to bring to the world’s attention the important tangible and intangible heritage in Ghana concerning the Transatlantic trade in enslaved Africans and the need to preserve it for the generations to come.

  1. HACSA Sankofa Educational Materials

User-friendly animated films and books will be produced for the purpose of educating children and adults alike about the historical sites and legacies which bear witness to the era of the Transatlantic trade in enslaved Africans.


  1. Educational Content

Our HACSA Sankofa Heritage Projects are about creating digital educational content. Virtual heritage tours, documentaries of families and heritage sites in the time of the slave trade, educational books and animated films. Where will they be experienced? HACSA plans to develop a cutting edge, user-friendly digital application to host, experience and enjoy digital content on African heritage and culture.

  1. Cultural Programmes

HACSA organises a calendar of educational and cultural events throughout the year.  The HACSA application would be a one stop shop for signing up and participating in all HACSA’s events.

  1. Membership Area

The Application will host the HACSA Sankofa Network and ensure that members have a virtual meeting place.

  1. Digital Heritage Archives

Every day old pictures and documents are destroyed daily. Our digital platform will create an archive where digitised archives can be uploaded and stored.

  1. Updated Girls Coding Project

HACSA Foundation led a project to teach 150 girls coding in partnership with UNESCO, DreamOval and the Kofi Annan Centre for ICT. We hope to develop a second phase of this important project.

  1. HACSA Virtual Homecoming Summit 2021

HACSA’s mission is to reunite the Diaspora. Our homecoming summits bring the Diaspora to Africa and offer educational seminars, opportunities for networking for kinship and friendship, careers and business and visits to historic and heritage sites. From July 3rd to 5th 2021 the Summit will take place virtually.

  1. HACSA Sankofa Homecoming Award Programme

Due to the costs associated with visiting Africa most young people in the diaspora are unable to afford this important pilgrimage to Africa. Our HACSA Sankofa Homecoming Project will create a fund to support an award for young people in the Diaspora to visit Africa for a life-changing experience. They will be mentored and will participate in educational programmes including tours of heritage sites and the HACSA Homecoming Summit and be offered internship opportunities.