The HACSA Foundation was founded to promote and celebrate African heritage and culture and the achievements of peoples of African descent. It is a non-governmental, nonpartisan, non-profit, civil society organisation and charity dedicated to creating awareness about the importance of African heritage and culture for socioeconomic development, developing a network of Africanist experts and enthusiasts and reuniting Africans on the continent and in the diaspora.

The HACSA Foundation works through advocacy, education and collaboration to develop projects that are aimed at the protection and preservation of African heritage sites and their environment, educating people about African heritage and culture, linking African Diaspora communities and empowering women. It has created fora in which serious debates take place on how Africa can tell its own stories, develop its own narratives and harness its abundant resources for the improvement of the quality of life of its people both in Africa and the Diaspora. The guiding principles of the HACSA Foundation are:

•Promoting, protecting and preserving African heritage and culture
• Celebrating, reuniting, healing and uplifting the African diaspora
•Building a supportive network of Africanist enthusiasts and professionals
•Empowering women and girls
• Linking education about African heritage and culture with technology and innovation
•Promoting environmental protection and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

One of our earliest projects in partnership with UNESCO was to teach young girls coding. We have also organised heritage tours, exhibitions, music festivals, fashion shows, African product and innovation fairs and expos, book signings, film screenings, concerts and seminars. Another HACSA Foundation initiative is a series of innovative and educational virtual town hall discussions where expert panelists share their knowledge and experience on important and current topics.

Our flagship event is the HACSA Summit which creates an African homecoming and networking experience for Africans in the diaspora and links Africanists and Africa enthusiasts with the public, private and civil society sectors in Africa. We have extended the kinship and sense of community experienced at our Summits by developing a brand new networking experience! Come join HACSA by becoming a member of the HACSA Sankofa Network. A warm welcome awaits you!

For further information or to sponsor or donate to support the important work we do, visit our website or for residents of the US Follow us on social media @thehacsa.