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HACSA Sankofa Summit 2024

The HACSA Summit is our flagship fundraising event. Our Summit celebrates the rich history, heritage, and culture of Africa while raising funds for our programmes and projects to develop regional heritage hubs as, welcome, educational, reflection, and healing centers for the African Diaspora. The Summit is a prestigious event that convenes government leaders, opinion and thought leaders, creatives, captains of industry, academic scholars, and influencers. 


The HACSA Foundation is a women-led,  international, non-profit, NGO, CSO, and charity, based in Ghana, and registered in the Caribbean and in the USA as a 501(c)(3) organization. We promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) through advocacy, education, innovation and collaboration within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



To curate virtual and physical meeting spaces and places that celebrate African heritage and culture and enlighten, empower, inspire and educate people and communities through knowledge, skills, innovation and learning about Africa


To reunite the diaspora, preserve and promote African heritage and culture, celebrate the achievements of people of African descent, empower women and girls and develop leadership and skills in the youth.


HACSA Sankofa Network

The HACSA Sankofa Network is a powerful and diverse global network promoting and celebrating African heritage and culture, and building the future we want for Africa. Join the HACSA Sankofa Network if you share our values, support our approach and wish to be part of a global network of like-minded people helping to reunite the diaspora, empower women and girls, and develop youth leadership and skills in our communities, both on the continent and in the diaspora. 


HACSA Sankofa Network

HACSA’s Heritage and Innovation Hubs Project aims to establish a network of cultural and innovation centres across Ghana for tech & creative skills training, innovation, reflection and healing. They will act as impact hubs for all our programs and projects, regional institutes of learning for locals and visitors alike, a home away from home for the African Diaspora and a meeting point for members of the HACSA Sankofa Network. They will also serve local communities, tourists, artists, students, families and schools, providing information, knowledge and a variety of activities, including educational programs, exhibitions, workshops and cultural displays.


Sankofa Young Leaders Fellowship (SYLF)​

The Sankofa Young Leaders Fellowship is a leadership development and Africa immersion program for high school and college students from around the world. It offers mentorship and helps develop cultural competency and career and social networks. The program awards certificates to participants who will also have the opportunity to volunteer on projects and meet counterparts in Africa. Through this fellowship, students will gain invaluable experience, skills and networks that will enhance their lives, their careers and their future long after they leave Africa.


In Partnership with TAF College


Creatives Lab

Sankofa Master Class



Tech4Girls is a hands-on learning program which trains girls and women in digital skills, including ICT, coding and AI, in order to empower them with tech skills for career development.The initiative creates opportunities for African girls and women to immerse themselves in technology and acquire skills needed for careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Girls will also be taught soft skills including entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence and leadership.

Promoting and Preserving African Heritage & Culture

Training Youth in the Creative Arts & Technology

Forging Partnerships to achieve our Goals

Building the Future We Want